Top 12 Best paintball Gun in 2023- Beginner To Pro Markers

Paintball is an exciting competitive game. Day by day, this game becomes more popular. In this game, a paintball gun is used by players to shoot paint-filled capsules at each other. A paintball gun is also known as a marker. This is the primary piece of equipment for the game. The best paintball gun is required to play the game, and finding the paintball gun can be challenging for beginners as well as pros. Hundreds of products are available on the market, and choosing the appropriate one depends on your skill level and budget. Consider all the factors before purchasing a paintball gun. We can help you choose the best paintball gun based on your choice and need if you’re looking for the best. It is essential to select a marker that is lightweight, easy to maintain, and has an adjustable rate of fire. The main function of a gun is accuracy; it should shoot straight. You need a strong marker that can fire long-range to play woodsball. Speedball markers need to be lightweight and able to fire quickly. While some markers can be used in both formats, a special gun will be more effective. The main parts of a paintball gun are  Barrel, Hopper, Trigger, Bolt, etc. The barrel of the gun determines how accurate the shot is. A hopper is attached to the top of the gun and holds the paintballs. The trigger is used to fire the gun, while the bolt is what propels the paintball.

 Here are some of our Top Picks:

Budget Friendly

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

High End

Tippmann 98

Top 12 Best Paintball Gun 


 Planet Eclipse EMEK 100


Eclipse Emek offers you benefits such as lightweight, shot characteristics, and using a modern gun at a reasonable price. It looks two or three times more expensive than it actually is. The advanced technology and features make it easy to use. An inexperienced paintball player can use it easily and fire accurately all day. Since the advanced bolt and low operating pressure prevent paint breakage in the marker, you only need to focus on the game, not on cleaning the equipment. There are no problems with it, and it is reliable, efficient, and smooth. Simple to operate, just set the velocity and shoot. It offers a wide variety of markers with Gamma Core drivetrains, which provide a smooth and good shot. Shooting with Emek will be fun. It is easy to maintain as well as bolt assembly. It has an assembly mechanism without any tool. Even some more expensive marker needs a hex key. But no need of any tool to maintain Emek. Emek uses one of the best bolt assemblies that reduced the chances of misfires and damage.

planet Eclipse EMEK100


      • Really good for beginners
      • Lightweight and reliable
      • Provides smooth shot
      • Not electrical so not a much speed




The Tippman A5 paintball gun is designed to deliver speed. An innovative cyclone feed system links the feeder and the cyclone. The cyclone loading system is made for smoothly loading the gun and avoiding chopping paint. This enables you to fire quickly, which significantly helps the player. A5 can be field stripped in less than 60 seconds without tools. It lets you fire position external selector switch, allowing players to change from safe to firing mode. It looks like the best paintball gun in the world. In the history of scenario markers, the Tippmann A5 is far more popular. As a result, it proved to be the most powerful. In addition to a durable aluminum body, rear sling mount, inline bolt system, and 8.5 high-performance ported barrels, the A-5 also features an inline bolt system font. It is easy to upgrade to the three-position e-grip selector and more reliably accurate and easier to maintain.


The Tippmann A5  offers some good specs. The gun characteristics

  • Weight -3.12 Pounds
  • 68 Caliber
  • Mechanical Trigger
  • CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen powered


Tippmann A5


      • A-5 accelerates the speed.
      • It is a highly reliable paintball marker.
      • An innovative cyclone feed system links the feeder and the cyclone.
  • A-5 is longer and heavier than other paintballs.


     Valken M17 paintball gun

    Valken M17 is one of the most famous and popular and fastest-growing parts of the paintball world. Since its release in 2014, the M17 is one of the best-selling paintball guns on the market. It is a magazine-fed paintball marker designed to resemble real firearms and presents a beautiful look. This gun connects each short to another short. It makes the best instruments and requires no batteries to operate. This paintball gun also has the ability to auto-switch. Its switch can be rotated for full shooting.

    The M17 uses a high-pressure air system and is carbine the perfect technical magazine feed gun for any serious paintball operator. The M17 runs on a fully mechanical and internally regulated blow-forward system called the HeatCore. It is built to withstand the rigors of the paintball game. In order to ensure accuracy and consistency, paintballs are fired using a blow-forward operating system.


    Valken M17


        • The M17 is a highly modular marker.
        • It connects each short to another short.
        • It uses a high-pressure air system. 
    • The M17 paintball gun is generally a little heavier than other markers.




      Every shot counts in MagFed and EMF100 is able for this. Plant Eclipse is well experienced in the manufacture of markers. Using all the techniques and analysis that we have, we are able to discover all the mistakes that are present in existing items. There is no possibility of error with the EMF100 mechanical gun. It is one of the most renowned products of the company. Using beautiful and lightweight MagFed EMF100, we have been able to solve all our problems with good performance. There is Battery-free operation of all mechanical functions requires no batteries. When you need to launch around down range, just pull the trigger. This module provides a higher level of reliability to the MagFed game due to the Gamma Core that is used. Paintball has no other more durable refined drive train. In the game, this gun can be a heavy gun or a sniper gun because it also provides quality shoots.

      A deadly Wind Hair 45 trigger valve is required to upgrade this game. It will update your gun. Using this feature you can shoot at a speed of 280 bps. As a result of this feature, you will be able to perform at your best with safety.


      EMF 100



          •  Accurate, consistent, and quiet paintball gun.
          • It is perfectly customizable and has amazing range and accuracy.
          •    It is supremely reliable.
      • It is not a toy, so paintball safety rules must be followed at all.


        Bt-4 Paintball Gun

        The second generation of the BT-4 paintball gun, also known as the BT-4 Combat. Paintball markers released by BT Paintball are the BT-4 Combat series. The TipTippmann 98 Custom and Tippmann A-5 are similar internally and aesthetically. It is a popular paintball gun used in woodball games and other paintball games. BT Paintball is a brand owned by Empire Paintball. Due to its durability, reliability, affordability, and ease of use, the marker Combat is very popular among recreational players and beginners. Poppet valves make the BT-4 Combat a blow-back marker. After opening the valve, air releases to propel the paintball forward. When the bolt is recocked for another shot, the ball is fired again. Bt-4 is one of the most famous, popular, and fastest-growing parts of the paintball world. The gun is a blue-black marker and it is designed for combat durability. Paintball guns are mainly made of durable materials such as aluminum and composite plastic. The frame and body of the marker are made of aluminum.

        • Barrel length:8.5 inches
        • Accuracy range:150+ft
        • Weight unloaded \no bottle :3 pounds
        • Cycle rate:13 bps


        Bt4 paintball gun


            • Lightweight balanced construction
            • High-quality short gun.
            • Modular trigger system.
        • The BT-4 is generally heavier compared to some other paintball markers


          Dye M3 paintball gun

          The sleek design, advanced features, and exceptional accuracy make this marker one of the best in the industry. Dye M3 is one of the most famous, popular, and fastest-growing parts of the paintball world. One of the standout features is its exceptional shooting performance. The marker boasts a highly efficient air system, which ensures consistent and powerful shots throughout the game. The adjustable firing modes allow players to customize their shooting style, making it suitable for various scenarios. The ergonomic design deserves praise as well. It offers a comfortable grip and a well-balanced weight distribution, making it easy to maneuver and handle during intense gameplay. The gun’s quick-release bolt system simplifies maintenance, allowing for hassle-free cleaning and upgrades. The Dye M3 excels in terms of accuracy and precision. The electronic trigger system provides a crisp and responsive trigger pull, enabling players to hit their targets accurately.

          dye m3+


              • Easy to replace barrels and removable grips
              • Low operating pressure
              • Easily handles small-size paints
          • Not a more durable grip material.

            Dye DSR paintball gun 

            With the Dye DSR Paintball Gun, you can play with precision, reliability, and speed. It features a compact and ergonomic design allowing easy handling and maneuverability. One of the standout features is its ARC+ Bolt Design, which provides a smoother and quieter shot with higher efficiency. This bolt system is also more reliable, ensuring players can focus on their game without worrying about equipment malfunctioning. The Dye DSR also features an OLED screen that displays essential information such as battery life, shot count, and more. This screen is easy to read and provides players with all the information they need to make informed decisions during gameplay.

            Regarding customization, the Dye DSR offers a range of options, including the TruCam Airport, Edge1 trigger, and Core DYE Barrel. These features allow players to fine-tune their marker to their preferences and playstyle. Overall, this  Paintball Gun is a top-of-the-line marker that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Dye DSR is an excellent choice for players who demand the best from their equipment. We’ve compiled a list of the best paintball guns for enthusiasts. Dye is known for producing high-quality paintball guns; the DSR is no exception.


            Dye DSR paintball gun


                • Best Rate Of Fire 20 Bps
                • Upgradeable barrel
                • More durable
            • A little Expensive


               Etha3 paintball gun

              The Etha3 is an electronic marker. Etha’s sleek ergonomic design and some significant upgrades elevate it to a new level of performance. It is built with high-quality materials and can withstand the demands of paintball play. Planet Eclipse is known for its innovation and creativity. Planet Eclipse’s new Etha 3 platform coincides with a historic improvement to its paintball gun lineup. It provides a robust and high shot during the game. The Etha3 is one of the most famous and popular guns. On and off the field, it is easy to maintain due to its quick-release bolt assembly. By reducing the height of the marker, the low-rise aluminum feedback creates a tighter and more compact player profile. Paintball guns with more expensive triggers have sharpness and responsiveness thanks, to the new aluminum blade trigger. This allows for fast and efficient shooting during the game. The paintball provides consistent shots even in various weather conditions.



                  • Aluminum adjustable blade trigger.
                  • Toolless grip & bolt removal.
                  • GRN composite outer body.
              • May be difficult for beginners


                Tippmann 98 Custom

                If you want a reliable and cheap paintball gun then your first choice is the famous Tippmann 98 custom it has very fast-paced action. This top-quality marker has the best moves at every part of the game, if you are new here this is the best gun for you to win. Every pro paintball player uses 98 because it is easy to use and reliable. This gun is semi-automatic with a modified universal Picatinny rail system and cool accessories.  Tippmann 98 custom marker has an amazing capacity to deliver eight shots per second. It has a split receiver design to access internal parts and upgrade easily. So that custom is in our list of paintball markers because it is easy to use for beginner players. So if you purchased 98 custom you performed a good game ahead! And become a good player.



                    • Easy to use
                    • Easy maintenance
                    • Anti chopping technology
                • it is not comfortable



                  Tippmann Tmc Magfed

                  The Tippmann Tmc is the best and latest mag-fed Paintball gun.

                  Extremely authentic look and feel with a fully functional charging handle. This fully pneumatic marker-proven high-performing line bolt system and durable aluminum receiver. The Tippmann Tmc has a Dual feed option and can be hopper or magazine fed. Extremely easy to pull the trigger. In addition to the over-molded grip frame, the five-position desirable stock allows for comfortable shooting with the 12″ high-performance barrel. Air through the grip frame allows for the comfortable positioning of a remote line while dramatically improving the look and feel of the TMC. Features two 20-round mags with built-in mag pullers for ease of use. This marker is able to customize your gun lasers’ light and sight system.


                  TMC MAGAFET


                      • Light Weight Design
                      • Proven In-Line Bolt System
                      • 12″ High-Performance Barrel
                  • The CO2 tank would be it gets Loose and leak easily.



                    The Azodin KP3


                    The Azodin KP3 is indeed a highly regarded pump marker in the paintball community.  The KP3 introduces several design changes compared to its predecessor, incorporating new internal components like the zero assembly and acoustic bolt. One notable improvement in the KP3 is the reduction of operating pressure to 230 psi. This lower pressure results in a quieter and more precise shooting experience, enhancing overall performance. By implementing these changes, Azodin has aimed to provide players with a pump marker that offers improved functionality and refinement. The third generation of the KP line demonstrates Azodin’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and design. The KP3 showcases the latest technologies developed by the company and combines them with ergonomic considerations to offer players an enhanced gameplay experience. Whether it’s the internal improvements, lower operating pressure, or overall design, the Azodin KP3 has gained recognition as a reliable and accessible play.


                    Azodin kp3


                        • Smooth Shooting
                        • Compact and Lightweight.
                        • A good option for budget-conscious players.
                    • Limited Firing Modes.


                      Sp shocker AMP

                      Sp shocker is an electronic paintball gun. Shocker AMP features a redesigned control system with plug-in connections and a zero-pinch wire configuration. It includes a micro switch that helps the gun operate smoothly. This paintball gun has a small eye that helps keep the paintball in place. In addition to the improved water resistance, a software feature, and battery retention, this marker takes advantage of USB-C software updates to win on and off the field. It has a bolt system that helps players in the area and many people prefer the new shocker bolt system for operation. This gun also features a tournament-legal trigger that allows you to set the trigger to your liking while keeping the power on your paintball marker. In the history of scenario markers, the Tippmannsp shocker amp is far more popular. As a result, it proved to be the most powerful This paintball gun has a weight of 1.12 lbs and a length of 21 inches.


                      Sp shocker AMP

                          • HK Chrome Plated Bolt system.
                          • Twist & Turn Bolt to slide out quickly.
                          • Quick Exhaust Valve


                      • It can be more expensive than other paintball guns.


                      Buyer Guide

                      Here is our buying guide for Best Paintball Gun.

                      Format of the game

                      In Woodsball a marker with long range and more accuracy would be effective.

                      Speedball is a fast game with less strategy,  so you'll need a rapid-firing marker.


                      Price is the most influential factor for any product. Not every expensive product is suitable for every situation. Before making a purchase decision, you must check all other factors, including price.

                      Type of Paintball Gun

                      You must know which type of paintball gun you need before buying any marker. There are many types of paintball guns, but mechanical and electronic paintball guns are the most popular.


                      The weight of a paintball gun is another important factor. You can carry lightweight guns comfortably. However, you must know that a heavy-weight gun can be useful. Heavy guns are more stable and can reduce recoil, but they can also be uncomfortable to carry.


                      Accuracy is crucial in speedball. The gun you choose should be capable of shooting accurately. It is essential to make accurate shots to win the game.

                      Player’s Capability

                      It is important to know your gaming experience and skill level. You need to choose a lightweight, reliable, and accurate paintball gun if you are a beginner.


                      The information in this article will assist you in protecting yourself from misguided advice. If you don't want to read the entire article, we mentioned some of the best paintball guns in the top picks. We hope you find it helpful. We don't miss anything about paintball guns. This information will better help you for choosing the best paintball Gun. The guns on this list are suitable for all ages. Make sure you read the buying guide carefully before making a purchase decision.

                      Frequently Asked Question

                      Are paintball guns legal?

                      The majority of states consider paintball guns weapons will require you to have a license before owning one. It is possible that you will need to pass additional requirements other than an ID to use a paintball gun in the state where you will be using it.

                      Is there a minimum age to play paintball?

                      Kids between the ages of 10 and 12 can play paintball. Please note that these age restrictions can differ from one paintball field to another, so it's best to check the specific paintball field you plan to visit.

                       How far can a paintball gun shoot?

                      The range of a paintball gun depends on factors such as the marker's quality, barrel length, paintball quality, and velocity settings. Paintball guns typically have a range of 50 to 100 feet.

                      Can I upgrade my paintball gun?

                       There are upgrade options available for many paintball guns. To improve performance or personalize your marker, you can customize various components like barrels, triggers, feed systems, and grips.