Best Paintball Gun for Speedball-Top 5 Markers in 2023

Speedball is a paintball format in which the game is played on flat fields with clearly defined boundaries. Inflatable bunkers are usually used in speedball on artificial turf. Compared to other paintball games, this game is usually played on smaller fields. Each team needs to place a flag on the field at the other end. As a team, you must capture your opponent’s flag while defending your own flag. We are here to help you select the best paintball gun for speedball.

There are a variety of speedball guns designed for fast-firing and helping you perform better in a small, high-speed environment. It would help if you had a paintball gun with better firing rates, modern technology, and a shooting speed of 18 balls per second in Speedball. It should have a comfortable grip, a reliable trigger system, an efficient air system and a durable hopper that can hold up to 200 paintballs.

You can customize the paintball speed with adjustable velocity to suit the environment. A low-maintenance design helps you for cleaning and repairing purposes. To eliminate your opponents and defend yourself effectively, you must have a reliable paintball gun that shoots quickly and accurately. Each marker has different variants, rules, and functions. You will need to consider all things when choosing the right gun to ensure the right choice and well-informed purchase.

 Dye DSR Paintball Gun

With the Dye DSR Paintball Gun, you can play accurately and fast. It features a compact design that allows for easy maintenance. The Dye DSR’s main feature is its ARC+ Bolt Design, which provides a smooth and accurate shot. This bolt system is reliable and minimizes equipment malfunctions. The other main feature is a screen that displays information such as the remaining battery and the number of shots. The screen is easy to use.

Dye DSR offers many advanced options in camera, trigger, and barrel. These features allow players to perform better. For speedball, this is a top-of-the-line marker that delivers exceptional performance. This is the right choice for people who want the finest equipment in the game, whether they are beginners or pros. Dye DSR is one of the leading paintball guns for enthusiasts. It is over best paintball gun for speedball. It is also easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for those who want a reliable and durable paintball gun. The gun is also lightweight, making it easy to carry and use on the field.

Product Details

Brand Name:                       Action Village

Color:                                     ‎Deep Blue

Manufacturer:                       Action Village

Size:        ‎                                Small/Medium

Dye DSR paintball gun


      • Provides a smooth shot
      • Toolless bolt system
      • Many Firing Modes
  • Available in limited colours


    Dye M3 Paintball Gun


    The sleek design, advanced features, and exceptional accuracy make this marker one of the best in the industry. Dye m3 is one of the most famous, popular, and fastest-growing parts of the paintball world. One of the standout features of the Dye M3 is its exceptional shooting performance. The marker boasts a highly efficient air system, which ensures consistent and powerful shots throughout the game. The adjustable firing modes allow players to customize their shooting style, making it suitable for speedball.

    The ergonomic design of the Dye M3 deserves praise as well. It offers a comfortable grip and a well-balanced weight distribution, that makes it easy to handle during intense gameplay. The gun’s quick-release bolt system simplifies maintenance, allowing for hassle-free cleaning and upgrades. The Dye M3 excels in terms of accuracy and precision. The electronic trigger system provides a crisp and responsive trigger pull, enabling players to hit their targets accurately.  In the history of scenario markers, the Dye m3 is by far the most popular. As a result, it proved to be the most powerful marker.

    Product Details

    Brand Name:          ‎Dye

    Colour:                        ‎Black

    Material:                   ‎Aluminum

    Manufacturer:           ‎Dye

    dye m3+


        • OLED Display
        • Low operating pressure
        • Easily handles small-size paints
        • Comfortable grip
    • Little Expensive
    • Require specific maintenance tools


      TIPPMAN A5 Paintball Gun


      Tippman A5 paintball marker designed to deliver speed. An innovative cyclone feed system links the feeder and the cyclone. The cyclone loading system is designed to load the gun smoothly without chopping paint. It enables you to fire quickly, which significantly helps the player. A5 can be field stripped in less than 60 seconds without tools. Players can switch between safe and firing modes with the external fire position selector switch.

      This is one of the best paintball guns in the game. In the history of scenario markers, the Tippmann A5 is by far the most popular. As a result, it proved to be the most powerful in speedball. In addition to a durable aluminium body, rear sling mount, inline bolt system, and 8.5 high-performance ported barrels, the A-5 also features an inline bolt system font. The A5 paintball gun is easy to upgrade to the three-position selector and is more reliable and easier to maintain than any other gun.


      Weight:               3.12 pounds

      Caliber:               .68

      Trigger:               Mechanical

      Powered By:      CO2, compressed air


      Tippmann A5



          • Accelerates speed.
          • Highly reliable paintball marker.
          • An innovative cyclone feed system.


          • It is a little longer and heavier than other paintball guns.


      Planet Eclipse Emek 100 Paintball Gun


                         Eclipse Emek offers you benefits such as lightweight, shot characteristics, and using a modern gun at a reasonable price. It looks two or three times more expensive than it actually is. The advanced technology and features make it easy to use. An inexperienced paintball player can use it easily and fire accurately all day. Since the advanced bolt and low operating pressure prevent paint breakage in the gun, you only need to focus on the game, not on cleaning the equipment. There are no problems with it, and it is reliable, efficient, and smooth.

      Simple to operate, just set the velocity and shoot. It offers a wide variety of markers with Gamma Core drivetrains, which provide a smooth and good shot. Shooting with Emek will be fun. It is easy to maintain as well as bolt assembly. It has an assembly mechanism without any tool. Even some more expensive marker needs a hex key. But no need of any tool to maintain the marker. Emek uses one of the best bolt assemblies that reduced the chances of misfires and damage.



      Brand:                   Planet Eclipse

      Colour:                     Black

      Caliber:                  .66

      Air Gun Power Type  Ai


      planet Eclipse EMEK100



          • Really good for beginners
          • Lightweight and reliable
          • Provides smooth shot
          • Smooth trigger
          • Minimize the chances of Misfire


          • Not electrical so not a much speed
          • Limited trigger area
          • Short barrel


      Planet Eclipse EMF100 Marker


      Planet Eclipse EMF100 is a very suitable and quality paintball gun for speedball. It operates mechanically and does not require batteries to perform. Using a magazine and an adjustable trigger makes it special and minimizes the chances of error. EMF100 provides a higher level of reliability to the Mag-Fed game due to the Gamma Core. These types of mechanical markers are typically semi-automatic.

      It relies on a trigger with a spring-loaded hammer cocked when you push the trigger. In the game, this gun can be a heavy gun or a sniper gun because it provides quality shoots. These markers are most popular in recreation and grassy places. This is affordable and easy to maintain and easy to use. It utilizes CO2 and Compressed air. If you want to improve the efficiency of your gun in paintball you should shoot with a smooth and consistent technique. Pick EMF100 and enjoy your game.



      Brand:                                  Planet Eclipse

      Colour:                                    Black

      Caliber:                                 0.68

      Air Gun Power Type:            HPA

      Barrel Material Type:         Aluminum


      how fast do paintball guns shoot


          • Efficient Air System
          • User-Friendly Design
          • Reliable Performance


          • Limited Airsoft Performance


      Buying Guide

      We have a buying guide that helps you to choose the best paintball gun for speedball.

      Format of the game

      Speedball is a fast game with less strategy, so you’ll need a rapid-firing marker.


      Price is the most influential factor for any product. Not every expensive product is suitable for every situation. Before making a purchase decision, you must check all other factors, including price.

      Type of Paintball Gun

      You must know which type of paintball gun you need before buying any marker. There are many types of paintball guns, but mechanical and electronic paintball guns are the most popular.


      The weight of a paintball gun is another important factor. You can carry lightweight guns comfortably. However, you must know that a heavy-weight gun can be useful. Heavy guns are more stable and can reduce recoil, but they can also be uncomfortable to carry.


      Accuracy is crucial in speedball. The gun you choose should be capable of shooting accurately. It is essential to make accurate shots to win the game.

      Player’s capability

      It is essential to know your gaming experience and skill level. You need to choose a lightweight, reliable, and accurate paintball gun if you are a beginner. A paintball gun should be selected based on the level of experience and skill you have as a professional player.

      Firing Speed – BPS

      Paintball gun speed is measured in balls per second. It would be best if you had a gun with at least 18 balls per second for speedball.



      The information in this article will assist you in protecting yourself from misguided advice. If you don’t want to read the entire article, we mentioned every best paintball gun for speedball in this article. I hope you find it helpful. We don’t miss anything about speedball guns. This information will help you choose the best speedball paintball marker. The guns on this list are suitable for all ages. Make sure you read the buying guide carefully before making a purchase decision.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      How is speedball different from paintball?

      Compared to traditional or scenario-based paintball, speedball is a different type of game format. Speedball gameplay is known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature.

      What is the difference between Speedball and Woodsball paintball guns?

      Speedball is characterized by its fast-paced and dynamic nature. It is typically played on smaller fields,

      Woodsball is a format of paintball gameplay that is typically played in outdoor settings, such as forests, fields, or natural terrains.

      How many paintballs do I need speedball?

      The number of paintballs you will need for speedball can vary depending on several factors, including the duration of the game, your playing style, and your shooting accuracy. Players typically carry anywhere from 500 to 2,000 paintballs for a speedball session.

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